Wednesday, 20 March 2013

First post with shiny, new content about pregnancy!

UPDATE: All posts that were before this one have been moved to my new weight loss blog here.

So the blog is back! But in a different guise. What was really a vehicle for my egotistical rants & rambles about something and nothing, thinly veiled as a weight loss blog has now become one with much the same content but now thinly veiled as a pregnancy blog.

It’s really a self-serving online diary where I get to try and amuse my readers with my witty observations of an obese, pregnant mother whilst basking in the glory of knowing that at least 3 people will read it (my mum, my work colleague and at least one of my friends). If that sounds like something you’d be interested in dear reader, then please step this way…..

Also, those of you who endured my first pregnancy will already suspect that this might not be the most positive thinking, sparkly, happy, glowy pregnancy blog in the world. But then, those of you that read me previously will know that that’s not a fitting description of me, period. My first pregnancy was hard. I had pretty much every complication you could get and hated the whole 9 months. This pregnancy, the most unpleasant side effects (constant sickness/nausea and aversion to all food containing onions or garlic…which let me tell you are in EVERYTHING ) started slightly later (I started to naively think that perhaps I might actually miss out on it altogether this time….WRONG!!!). Altho I haven’t had my dating scan yet….so my dates could be wrong. I am 8+3 today (that’s 8 weeks and 3 days for newbies to prego lingo). But also, and this is very much tempting fate, I don’t actually think I am as ill as last time. Even tho I feel horrific, and last week I couldn’t keep anything down or get out of bed, this week I am actually in work and managing to tentatively re-acquaint myself with society.

Let me just firstly state tho, before people get completely the wrong impression….I am very happy that I got pregnant, especially with such little effort considering my advancing years and waistline. I know we are extremely fortunate to already have one very healthy, happy, silly, brilliant child and therefore are even more excited that we have another one on the way. I realise that it’s not a given for everyone and that many people would and have done almost anything to be in my position. At no point in my whinings does this ever stray from my mind. If you feel that you might run out of patience for a whinging prego then may I advise you to look away now.

This is a list I posted on twitter and Facebook but my husband said it was a bit harsh. I actually think that it just may explain to people that some of the “helpful” advice they are imparting is not necessarily that helpful. I don’t profess to have full on Hyperemis Gravidarum. I think at points in my previous pregnancy I did but I definitely identify more with people with HG than normal morning sickness. In my last pregnancy I was sick until I gave birth (I can’t tell you how elated I was that they decided to induce me at 37+5 weeks…) and I had full on aversions that made it impossible to eat anything other than white, carby food, be in a room where someone had eaten garlic, sleep in the same room as my husband, share an office with anyone who had eaten garlic. It sounds absurd but seriously, the smell of garlic to me took on the revulsion factor of vomit to a normal person. I also have that aversion this time and I am already sick of cheese sandwiches and plain rice with soy sauce for dinner.

Oh and I do have anti sickness drugs…they are good in that they stop you puking but you still feel sick as a pig and they knock you out for the count. Which is a nice way to get thru the day but not very practical with a toddler in tow. I am tending to use them to keep down my breakfast and go to sleep at night right now. I might indulge in an all-dayer anti sickness binge on Saturday when I don’t have to worry about my son or work. God times have changed!!!! An anti-sickness all-dayer? Do I know how to party or WHAT???????

I have become (If this is possible) even more insular and self obsessed than ever during this period of sickness. I am finding it extremely difficult to focus on other people’s lives or events and I realise that right now that makes me an uber shit friend. For this I want to apologise. I am praying that the fug of nausea will clear over the next few weeks at least to the point where I can remember to send a birthday card or ask a friend how her choir concert/skate bout/family outing etc went.

Anyway thanks for reading my first and fairly miserable pregnancy blog! I hope to be a bit more positive each time I write. But I am not promising anything ok?! 


  1. oh Yay I am comment now!! Well done honey :)

  2. I'm hoping that this time it will be easier for you too xxx Lynne x

  3. oh gosh this sounds like a fun blog. I feel your pain, cheese sandwiches and plain rice with soy sauce is now way to live. Hope the sickness abates somewhat over time! x


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