Friday, 31 May 2013

Good news! Weird bump and other whitterings.....

The top half of the photo below. Yes it's a bit odd to include
 it but hey, that's me!!! Oddy McOddModd
Hello!!!!  The first round of results came thru on Friday and were clear for Down’s, which I am so relieved about. I don’t want to cause offence to parents of children with Down’s though. I am relieved because I am a coward and I was scared what life would be like with a child with a disability.

They didn’t bother to ring me after the allotted 3 days by the way, oh no. So on Friday afternoon at about 4pm when I hadn’t heard I rang every flipping number to do with Maternity in UHW and eventually got thru to the Maternity Assessment Unit who had the good grace to get a doctor to look at the results straight away and give me the result. The Fetal Medicine unit had buggered off home for the afternoon. On the following TUESDAY after they phoned me to tell me the results (that I already knew)….!!!!

Next week I will get the full set of results. I am not exactly sure what else they find out except they DO find out definitively whether it’s a boy or a girl! Hooray! I am SOOO excited! I finally get to find out whether I need to buy an entire new wardrobe/re-decorate one of the bedrooms/buy new pink sparkly-based completely sexist cleaning/cooking/beauty based toys….or not. Ha! I am OBVIOUSLY joking. I am a fervent follower / supporter of this website which champions more gender neutral stuff for girls.

But altho I am not the biggest fan of gender specific toys/colours….I won’t go quite so far as to completely dress my GIRL (if I have one) in all of my son’s cast offs. Well, unless she expresses a desire to follow in Shiloh Pitt-Jolie’s footsteps and dress completely as a boy. So I am excited at the potential prospect of doing some baby clothes shopping! For all my politically correct spewing forth of ideas, I am THE stereotype of a woman with my love of shopping & make up and clothes & bags etc. Does that make me a heinous hypocrite?!

What else have I been doing this week? I’ve been enjoying the fact that I still haven’t developed SPD yet ( and am very much enjoying doing star shapes in my bed every night! To the utter disgust of my cats who inadvertently get booted of the side bed every now and then. I have also tried to leave the house in the evening rather than be the total hermit I was in my last pregnancy. I still haven’t made it to the cinema (Hands up who can’t wait for Behind the Candelabra??????? *shoots hand up*) but I have made it to a few friends’ houses. This is progress. I am sure it’s not good for me to be glued to the sofa from 7pm – 10.30pm EVERY NIGHT.

Have also had a lovely girly day shopping with my friend Sophia. We were CONNED into spending £47 at Yo Sushi tho by picking up the most expensive plates and eating LOADS of them…..ok I say conned, I mean we were STUPID. But it was lush. This is the ONLY food I can really spoil myself with tonnes of at the moment. That and fruit. But have no fear, this doesn’t mean I am healthy beyond, oh NO. I am still stuffing down the cakes and cheese sandwiches and recently discovered quorn pasties. So the weight is still on the up……eek!

Bought some lovely summery tents dresses and matching nail varnishes (I am still so pathetically excited by this it’s not even true). In the last few years I’ve tried to buy clothes which are a bit less BRIGHT and buy some more neutral, grown up clothes but my inner garishness has burst out. I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly grow up when it comes to clothes. But then my mother never has, she’s been borrowing my clothes since I was 16 so I don’t think there’s much hope for me! Also I have been spurred on to return to form after a friend accused my hand bag of being very “mumsy” aaaaaaaargh!!!!!

I've finally got a pic of my weird bump shape....hard at the top (no baby) and soft and squidy at the bottom. And of course FAR too big for someone who's only 18 weeks because it's mainly blub! 

OK that’s all for this week. Have a brilliant weekend! Ciao!


  1. So pleased the tests went well for you! Join me for a cocktail or two any time

  2. :) I can't bloody wait for a cocktail! But i'll have a virtual one with you for now over on your blog. :D Xxx

  3. Wahhhhh! I have SPD and it is rubbish!!!! Glad your test results finally came back ok though :)

  4. Eeek! it SUCKS! Sorry to hear that Kate. I can feel your pain tho.... i was completely blighted by it last time. :/


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