Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Relaxing Spa Day followed by Scary Amniocentesis

It’s been exactly a week since my birthday! Which was lovely. It’s definitely different having a pregnant birthday. I LOVE birthdays. I usually feel excited about for weeks in advance and in the old days I’d have at least 2 nights out to celebrate, one each weekend surrounding it. This is because I love a good booze up with my mates! Of course things are slightly different with a young child, the amount I drink and the hour I hit the sack mainly! Altho I would still give it a good go but of course this time, no booze for me!  

Brilliant Cake bought by Brilliant Laura!
I was woken extremely early by a very noisy little boy inSISTING on getting into bed with me for cuddles despite me trying to coax him into waking daddy instead. Then a bit later (after I had persuaded him to go to daddy) they both came in bearing gifts. My son got into bed, insisted on opening ALL of my presents and most of my cards….then upon being told he had to go to nursery he had the most almighty tantrum, declaring that it was in fact HIS birthday and not mummy’s as Emlyn carted him off out of the room under his arm! Aw, *SO* proud….!!!!

At this point I'd like to do a little shout out (hahahahahahahaha as if I am a Radio 1 DJ!!!!) to my lovely, sexy, silly husband who I think is getting a little baby number 2 insecurity! He asked me to include some more initimate stuff about his prowess but I think we'll leave it there.......

After making myself breakfast in bed I then got ready for my pampering day at the Vale hotel and it didn’t disappoint. Which is rare for me because I am fussy beyond when it comes to Spas! The last time I went to the Celtic Manor (so posh it held the Ryder cup recently) I wrote a complaint letter with a list as long as my arm about the state of the place!

The place was lovely, the staff all very friendly and not snotty at all…even when I made a joking complaint about the one-size-fits-all robes needing an extra panel for the obese and the pregnant! (I did have to go around with a towel wrapped over the bottom half of my robe to prevent people being able to see what I had for breakfast….embarrassing!) I had a head-to-toe pregnancy package which was divine…the smells of all the products were delish. During this I had a mini facial which was perfectly executed with soft, gentle sweeping movements over my face. My next treatment was also a longer facial…because I didn’t want to have to lie on my front and squash the bump! This lady was not so gentle…in fact it felt like she’d just picked up a rough old rag at one point and was giving me a vigorous spit wash! I actually asked her if I had inadvertently booked a “stimulating” facial by mistake and she said no, but would I like one??????? Hahahahah! Er NO THANKS! I’d like to have some skin left on my face by the end of the session!

 OK so I said I had no complaints and now I’ve just moaned about one of the treatments….but actually, she was SO lovely, and gave me some good advice about the eczema on my hands and she was so well meaning that it didn’t impact negatively on my day at all. I had a lovely relaxing day (the heated water beds were amaaaaaaaaaaaazing) and loved spending the day with my mum, giggling and being inappropriate in the pool….ie telling each other gross stories a LITTLE too loud…. Hers out did mine tho….it involved an old friend, tampon hunting and misplaced Deep Heat….I’ll say no more…!!!!

Even tho I think facials in general are supposed to help with skin complaints, nothing seems to help my pregnancy rosacea. (See photo) It looks like I’ve got a ruddy great whitehead on my face that I should just pop but it’s actually solid underneath…SO ugly! I have discovered that tea tree helps tho…which is a probably a no-brainer to anyone else seeing as rosacea is a form of acne and this is what you put on normal spots…but what can I say?! I’m slow!

I had a bit of a surprising phone call on Monday. They rang to tell me that the results from my Down’s syndrome blood test last week have come back in the higher risk category. It was surprising because I was arrogantly assuming that even tho I am old as buggerey at 37 I wasn’t in that category last pregnancy and that was only 3 years ago. And I don’t think of myself as old at all AND despite being a big heifer I think of myself as quite healthy. Some people are probably amazed to read that someone of my weight would think that….I know, it’s called denial! And I base it on the fact that I never get coughs and colds so I thought that meant my immune system was quite good ergo I am healthy etc!

So anyway I immediately started panicking and thinking of the options and the horrors surrounding some of the decisions you might make in this situation and even more so when I found out that we might not get the results back for 3 weeks…in which time I will be having my anomaly scan and finding out the sex and really seeing my baby as a human being properly for the first time etc etc. But I wanted to know definitively so I booked in for an amniocentesis yesterday morning. Which I am really glad of now. They actually told me that my risk still came back as quite low (less than 1%) but that it was under the threshold of whether they call you back or not, hence the phone call. I also felt reassured that even tho there is a 1% risk of miscarriage from amnio’s, with the amount that are carried out in the UHW that figure is actually lower because it’s based on a national average.

An amnio is where they stick a really long needle into your belly and extract a sample bottle’s worth of amniotic fluid so they can analyse the chromosomes of the baby. The one good thing was that you have to be scanned beforehand to make sure the needle doesn’t go near the baby. So that was lovely because ever since I started to feel better I had silly notions that perhaps it meant there was something wrong with the baby! But he was there with his 2 arms and legs, beating heart and me shaped nose! I say boy cos he looks like a boy! But we couldn’t find out anything about the sex.

They tell you the amnio is UNCOMFORTABLE not “painful”. Bull. It HURT! The consultant was brilliant tho, and made me laugh throughout….even tho that actually made it a bit worse! But it felt like a very slim knife going thru my belly button…..eeeeoouch!

Luckily they tell me we get the results in 3 day’s time and not 3 weeks. I am obviously nervous but not as nervous as I was after the initial phone call. I’ll check in as soon as I know what the results are but my fingers are crossed.


  1. Dear God Jess, what a week! Now I feel guilty about 'dissing' you about the cleaner. Sorry :(

  2. Hey Lynney! Don't sweat it. Everyone's entitled to their opinion! Xx

  3. Hello

    Came across your blog from reading comments on the recipe rifle one. Your writing is humourous and since most of my interests revolve around food/dieting and my 2 small children I like your blog and have added it to my favourites thingy at the top of the screen. Please feel honoured. Keep up the good work. Any news on the amniocentesis? Hope all is well x

  4. Hahaha! I DO feel honoured! ;) The amnio initial results ie Down's testing, came back clear which is great news. I am hopefully going to post a blog later to update people. Thanks for reading! Xx

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