Friday, 7 June 2013

Have you guessed what it is?

SO as you can see, it’s a girl! WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF???????? I am so shocked! I cried when they told me! I cried because I am sad that I’ll never have another little baby boy and I cried because I am so happy that I am actually having a girl! A girl I can dress in clothes I am jealous of! A girl who I can mould into a more fabulous version of myself! Hahaha! Ok maybe not. Because if she takes after her big brother, she won’t listen to a word I say. Oh and of course because that’s a morally bankrupt thing to say. Ahem.

So yeah, a girl! The battle against the pink has already started tho. I looked for ages for “It’s a girl” pic on google image that wasn’t pink! Ugh. It’s not that I hate pink as a colour. I like it in fact. I just don’t want it to be the ONLY colour. And just for info, I was the same with my son and blue. Especially when he was a baby. I hated baby blue clothes on him. Even now, his bedroom is a mix of greens, greys, browns and blues. And my favourite colours for him to wear are red, green and yellow. I just want to be a bit more imaginative than traditional blue, pink or beige. Know what I mean? So my changing bag, the travel system, the bouncer/the baby gym/the jumperoo/high chair/the crib sheets & blankets are ALL gender unspecific! Hooray! How clever I am!

When I had the 20 week scan with my son and I was feeling a bit more confident about the permanence of the pregnancy, I allowed myself to buy him a little present. From before I was even pregnant I had seen it in the window of Mamas & Papas and lusted after it. It was this lovely blanket (see above).

And similarly, now I have had a recent scan and my test results are clear, I have bought this wall decoration to brighten the room we are going to put the cot in.

I do have one dilemma tho. My beautiful puss, Spider, is currently my number one baby girl! She understood she wasn’t usurped when my son came along because she was still the only girl! But what will I tell her now?!

So apart from fantasizing about all the new clothes I can now buy Helicoptress what else has been happening? Well of course I’ve been very much enjoying the lovely sun and my lovely big back garden. I am boasting about this because I’ve checked my privilege which is something I’ve only learnt about this week. Read Hadley’s brilliant column on it, she’s my newest girl crush:

So by my workings out, because my house is rubbish and small, I am allowed to sing the merits of my garden because the one cancel’s the other out. Or something. I may have completely missed the point here btw.

Yeah anyway if you are in YOUR garden and you have lovely garden furniture including canvas mesh seats and you are at the tail end of potty training your young child, a word to the wise. Don’t let him/her sit bare bummed on said chairs for any length of time. The clean-up operation of an accidental number 2 is NOT pretty. It involved a toothbrush. I will say no more.

In good news tho, he passed the 3 year Health Visitor check with flying colours. Well in that she didn’t make me feel like a total failure of a mum because he doesn’t eat anything other than beans and waffles and he refused to prove that he can sing 3 or more nursery rhymes by just singing Thomas & Friends on a loop….

Right, I am going to leave it there for now folks. Have a splendid weekend. I’ll try and have less disgusting tales for you next time.


  1. I too have been looking for something that was not pink or white for a girl - and you are right its jolly difficult!! And looking forward to another member of the 'tarts' club :D

  2. haha! Thanks! Nana would be proud! X


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