Sunday, 30 June 2013

Yet More Complications & The emergence of the Threeanger.

Smug with bump
So you may have noticed a little changey—wangey to my blog layout. I’ve finally managed to add an about me page for new readers to get a quick down low on who the eff I am without having to read every post ever. I am in the process of creating (i.e. in my head) another page which will list, for those who are newly preggers, the side effects of pregnancy that you DON’T often hear about. Because between this pregnancy and the last, I seem to have experienced most.

Also I spent hours and HOURS trying to create “press me for more Jess fun” buttons in the side bar → I know I shouldn’t probably mention this in the blog, because it probably shatters the illusion that I know what the hell I am doing and I am breaking the fourth wall (ha!!!!) but seriously, getting those buggers to line up took almost all the mental capacity I have. Please someone give them a press! I am not geeky enough for html coding to come naturally!

Back to the matter in hand. I had another scan at 22 weeks and they found that my little girl has an arrhythmia. Which was quite a shock, mainly because my brother works in ultrasound in UHW and he was there and we were all having a laugh and a joke with the scanner one minute and then next she was popping out to get the registrar “to just sign off the scan” which I knew wasn’t normal. They all reassured me that lots of things can cause the arrhythmia and that it can be quite normal and they can grow out of it etc but obviously your mind just jumps straight to the worst case scenario, doesn’t it? I was in floods.

This wasn’t helped by the fact that when I got home to inevitably look up the possible causes for arrhythmia, I discovered a newly published article on the BBC website stating that pregnant mum’s taking SSRI anti-depressants are now known to be twice as likely to have babies who develop heart defects. I am on an SSRI. This did NOTHING to allay my fears. As you can imagine.

I went back to the anti-natal clinic yesterday where a midwife listened in to the heart beat and told us it seemed normal to her, but mum and I could still hear the drop in beat, so I remain unconvinced. I have a consultant appointment next week tho and I am going to insist on another scan. I have since found out that one of the causes can be stress and I have had a few weeks of big stress. And of course, this is going to make me even more stressed! So I am trying as hard as poss to chill the frick out right now and not panic until I hear more on wed. I am feeling her move LOADS at the moment and as it’s one of the best feelings in the world, it’s definitely helping me to relax.

Other things which have been happening. Well I think I might be developing SPD again. It’s very gradual so I wonder if I will get it as bad this time. I’ve had a few evenings where the whole of my lower pelvis just aches. But more noticeably I can’t turn over in bed without sitting up first. It’s not awful yet tho, I can still pliĆ© which is extremely important to me….

My weight gain isn’t halting. Unfortunately. My fingers now look like uncooked pork sausages and cankles isn’t even the word. I am now the weight I was when I was 9 months pregnant last time. I didn’t really put weight on in my last pregnancy until the last month. And a week after giving birth I was 2 stone lighter than when I got pregnant. That is NOT happening this time. Unless they accidentally chop an arm off in the process of pulling her out. It’s got to the point where I am too embarrassed to tell people when I am ACTUALLY due so I just vague reference “the autumn” and quickly change the subject.

Emlyn at the end and me next to him with the yellow boobies.
This was the certainly the case when I went to a family vintage tea party last weekend. I saw a few people I hadn’t seen for at least a year. Last year I had LOST 2 stone and was looking ok (ish). I felt so ashamed when saying I was only just half way thru! However this wasn’t the main thing on my mind that day. The main thing was that my 3 year old seems to be developing into a teenager. A friend of mine, Cathy, mentioned she’d heard the expression three-anger…well I can definitely relate to that! He was all about the ignorant looks, tantrums and demands that day. Culminating in him SCREAMING right in the middle of us singing “Happy Birthday” to my poor, lovely Aunty Kim!

And the tantrums are not where it ends, he insisted on watching pre-teen kids programme
“Tracey Beaker Returns” the other day AND having his hair spiked up for nursery! What the hell?! The only bonus side effect of threeanger is that he now seems to be very much embracing fresh fruit and veg. Even eating broccoli unprompted, preferring tomatoes and cucumber to his cheese sarnies and stuffing his face with cherries. So can’t complain too much. Til I have to empty the potty…..oh no, did I take it too far?!

Ok this has become a contender for a college essay, so I am gonna do one. Until next time bloggladites! Ciao! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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