Saturday, 6 July 2013

Baby Girl is Fine! Mummy isn't.

Hi! Right first things first, baby girl’s arrhythmia (which is still there) is ok. It’s nothing to worry about apparently. Hopefully she will grow out of it. It will only become a problem if the amount of beats per min change to too slow/too fast but at the moment they are bang on. HOOOOOOOORAY!!!! This is excellentarooooonie news. Finally we can relax about the health of our little girl. And I get lots of reassurance that she’s fine and dandy in my belly because she never stops wriggling! I LOVE it! I could even see my belly move on the outside last night which I am really surprised about because I’m still only 23 weeks…I didn’t think I’d see her move on the outside for a good few weeks.

The majorly annoying result of seeing my consultant this week is that they’ve discovered that I am already developing Obstetric Cholestasis.

 It’s a fairly rare liver condition which can, at worst, cause still birth. This is prevented these days by induction of labour…I was induced at 38 weeks with my son. It causes too many bile acids to be released into your blood and this results in severe itching.

As soon as I heard it was a liver condition last time I became extremely paranoid that I had brought this condition upon myself because I have had periods of really heavy drinking in my life. I couldn’t see how the two couldn’t be mutually exclusive! But I have been reassured by midwives, consultants and the good old interwebs that this is NOT the case and that it’s purely down to hormones. There’s still a tiny part of me that thinks it can’t have helped tho. I knew my booze hound days would come back to bite me in the ass!  

I was really surprised about the news. I’d actually only mentioned in passing to the consultant that I was feeling itchy, I thought we were there just to talk about the heartbeat. But obviously he wanted to go through all my history from the last pregnancy and cholestasis featured quite heavily throughout from 25 weeks. I was in and out of hospital because they have to monitor the baby’s movements and development and treat me for the indescribably horrific, incessant itching. Altho there’s not much that can be done about that.

So the consultant said he wanted to do some bloods and get them rushed through, and I thought he was just being extra cautious because of my history! As soon as we left the hospital (after being there HOURS!!!! Seriously, why does EVERY antenatal appointment have to be a 2 hour wait, MINIMUM?!) I forgot all about the blood test and happily went about the business of boasting to everyone who’d listen about the perfect health of my baby girl! Lo and behold at 6pm, I received a phone call from the Obstetric Assessment Unit (where I spent half my last pregnancy, strapped to a tracing monitor, bored out of my itchy skull) saying I had raised bile acids and a dodgy LFT (their words, honest!) and could I go back in for another boring morning of bloods and crap the next day? Again their words HONEST!!!

Ugh!!! So annoyed! People normally develop OC between 28-30 weeks. I was unlucky LAST time developing it at 25 weeks but at 23 weeks? You’ve gotta be kiddin me! 17 weeks of itch-hell-hospital-fest bollox!!! I have to go back to clinic EVERY week until she’s born for bloods and monitoring, on top of seeing my consultant every 2 weeks for scans and chats, on top of my NORMAL ante natal checks, which of course are more than normal because of my large girth! (High BMI = extra health checks). I might as well pack my flipping bags and move into the UHW!!!!

And my poor work! They didn’t ask for a chubby woman to get duffed up and have loads of health issues. AGAIN. They are really, really understanding but I still feel bad about the amount of paid time out I will be having.

Anyway so through all of this moaning, you may be thinking, oh but you said at the beginning that “finally we can relax about the health of our little girl” then you’re bombarded us with all this guff about cholestasis!!! ….Well this is because of my experience with my son. He never stopped wriggling and kicking throughout my pregnancy, his development wasn’t in anyway impaired by the condition and if anything he thrived in my belly. At one point they told me he was 9lb+ and his head circumference was off the flipping percentile scale! (He was in actual fact a reasonable 7lbs2 when born at 38 weeks and his head in no way freak-sized!). So I have every confidence that she will be ok. Hence my terrible moaning about the inconvenience of it rather than the seriousness of it.

Oh and I got a letter this morning telling me that I am also anaemic!!! Ffs!

I am SINCERELY hoping that next week I can regale you with happy fun tales of my pregnancy and not the moaning borefest that you’ve had to endure the last couple of times. One piece of very VERY surprising good news is that I can seemingly tolerate small amounts of garlic IN food! Wtf! This makes me ecstatic!!!! Hooray! So on that positive note, I will bid you farewell! ♥

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  1. I hope she's ok now Jess! Congratulations in advance. I enjoyed reading your post. Cheers!

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