Sunday, 29 December 2013

What Joni Wore Today (Before She Puked) Part the First

Hello and welcome Blog followers, to a new series of posts, whereupon I post pictures of my sartorially gifted baby girl (and for the boy: What Gus Wore Today (Before He Wee'd). I am finding it tricky to get a chance to write properly at the moment, what with being on the go all day with Joni and Gus then just as Gus goes to bed, Joni kicking off into erractic fussing and crying for the remainder of the evenings. But we have been given & bought SOOO many amazing outfits for her that it seems such a shame to not celebrate this! So here I will post some pics (altho probably not daily - let's not go too crazy here) of the lovely things she gets to wear. She's a real life doll! You'll note that I am not a MASSIVE fan of pink only for girls. I don't mind pink at all. It has it's place, among the whole spectrum of colours in the rainbow. But there must be variation I think. Variety is indeed the spice of life. 

Editors note (OK this is my attempt at sounding professional, ahem): Currently the photos don't have any uniformity because I have just thought of the idea. As I get more into the swing of things, I shall try and be more consistent about backgrounds and positioning etc etc. For now, please enjoy the higgledy piggledyness of the photos.......

I Like Stripes 'n' Tights
I Like Spots.
Christmas Hearts!

Pin spots and Cute Baby Jane Tights
Joni Helicopter the First!

Badger Badger Badger Badger
Fireman Sam (Not actually Fireman Sam)

Unbearably Cute Scandi Stylee

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