Thursday, 22 May 2014

#Bentobabies.... Controversial or Not? YOU decide!

So a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to take part in an article in the local paper The Echo which was about kids' packed lunches. Children's party planner Liz Mullen is hosting an event called Big Lunch which encourages communities to eat together once a year and this inspired the article. I was more than happy to take part because Gus is notoriously fussy. Not so bad anymore but definitely when he was younger he wouldn't eat ANY fruit, veg or salad. Just cheese and some form of carbs...potato waffles, toast (at a push) or pasta and baked beans. Nowadays, as long as I am clever about it, he eats pretty well. But even though some of you may be impressed at the contents of his Thomas and Friends lunch box....remember that this, pasta pesto and chips are pretty much the only savoury things he'll eat IN THE WORLD. So it's actually pretty limiting. 

I mention in the article (which I will post a link to here when it goes online but have a rubbish photo of it for now...) that I got a few ideas from seeing the hashtag #bentobabies trending on Instagram. More specifically I can thank Jade Pirard, a fellow Mummy blogger, for making me aware of the phenomenon by posting lots of lovely photos of the boxes she was making for her son, Ted. So I poached the idea of cookie cutting sandwiches (which amazingly worked....Gus normally never touches sandwiches!) and spearing little chunks of cheese and fruit on cake topper skewers. 

Now not only am I am posting this to shamelessly plug an article I appear in (ha!) it also appears that bento boxes (or creative lunch boxes as Joe Public would call them) are a contentious issue! Grace Hall of Eats Amazing spends her time creating lunch box master pieces. She has featured in the Daily Mail for her creative talents no less but some people have not been so kind. Why anyone would feel the need to attack someone because they choose to make eating easier and more fun for their kid is BEYOND me. But they did. In a very public way. I am not going to post a link to the article but suffice to say Grace was pathetically ridiculed for the fact that she chooses to spend her time making amazing looking lunch boxes and encouraging other parents to do the same. Why are people so childish?! If you click on the links I am pretty sure you will be impressed and inspired and not jealous and cynical...which is the only explanation I can come up with for the nasty response posted on well known Parent site. 

What do YOU think? Have you got a fussy eater? Do you think creating monster shaped food items and alien sandwiches would help your kid eat healthier? I'm pretty sure if I had a Buzz Lightyear cutter, I could make Gus eat anything!

Gus looking like a crazy! 

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