Monday, 25 May 2015

Another Step Back In Time Photeee!

This is my 18th Birthday party, May 15th 1994. That's me with the crazed, drunken expression. I was full on into my Janis Joplin face... I designed that outfit, based on a stage outfit of hers. It was made by my Nana's friend (My beloved Nana is on the far right, thought not policitally I might add!). The woman who made it is Tom Jone's of my more tenuous claims to fame. 

My mum is far left, the age I am now (38) looking glam, with my Pops and my lovely, crazy Grandma. I remember this photo being taken and someone saying that I'd regret pulling that stupid face in years to come. I don't, remotely. It sums me up even now. An idiothole. 

The party was brilliant. My hippy friends and I all sat in circles on the floor, drinking and smoking (it was the 90s!) and my parents' friends and other family members mingled on the other side of the room, standing around drinking and smoking. There's a video of it knocking around somewhere and the soundtrack was awesome.... Janis, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep, The Doors. I was cool. During my speech (in which I failed to thank my parents for the party and instead just thank people for COMING to the party) a best friend tried to persuade me to sing California Dreaming with her to the crowd; my boyfriend and another best friend took it turns to have their heads stuck down the loo, puking from drinking too much; another friend got caught snogging my ex in my 7 year old brother's bedroom (he wasn't in it at the time) and I think I ended up snogging a girl. Debauchery in my own parent's house! Good times. 

My Nana passed away in 2004 and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her. She knew how to party. Big love Nana, I hope you're on the Sangria, wherever you are! Mwah! 

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