Thursday, 22 October 2015

Spread The Christmas Love

Which camp to you belong in? 

Christmas Helicopters1) You flipping LOVE Christmas to bits. You either openly or secretly prepare for it all year round, starting in the January sales (my Nana would be proud of you, especially if you start with Marksies). Every part of it fills you with immense pleasure and every stage has become a ritual...planning the presents, buying your cards, choosing an advent calendar, choosing the wrapping, designing your decoration style, making your cake, ordering your cheese (ok that might just be me-the cheese freak) etc etc. You get semi orgasmic as soon as they start playing Christmas tunes in store and putting up the decs. You poo-poo the naysayers exclaiming “Oh it’s too early! We haven’t even had Easter yet”. You’re delirious when you see the “weeks til Christmas” countdown in your Facebook/Twitter timelines and are almost sick with excitement when weeks turn to days. You start planning your trips to the Christmas wonderlands/Father Christmas’s etc in September whether you have kids or not and get your organise the work Secret Santa Christmas and have the staff Christmas meal booked before the end of that month too. You start checking the probability of a White Christmas from June and if the odds even drop a miniscule amount, you pass out from overexcitement. Pass the smelling salts: THIS IS YOUR TIME OF YEAR BABY!

Christmas Tree2) You’re just a bah humbug. You’re just a miserable codger who can’t stand the “commercialisation” or worse still the “Amercianisation” of Christmas. You HATE the tinkling strains of Cliff being piped through your shopping experience in October. You want to punch the Store Manager in the face. And why the hell has a Gingerbread Latte become a “thing?” Why can’t Christmas just start on Christmas eve like it did when YOU were a kid? When you just had a piney twig for a tree, some garish flower lights that only occasionally worked, some tired tinsel that you brought out every year (we never bought new decorations every year in MY day!) one present under the tree and a stocking full of stones and mud if you were lucky. You wish Christmas and all it’s cheap, sparkly crap would DO ONE.

3) You hate Christmas. Your reasons for hating Christmas are sad and awful. You’ve had some horrible emotional event of which Christmas is a stinging reminder of every year. You wish everyone would shut-the-cup-up about it all. You want to hibernate until January. Or you find it a very exclusive, lonely time. Everyone focusing on socialising and gift giving and “the commercial” side of the holiday. You may be in a vulnerable position, physically, emotionally, mentally or financially and seeing everyone prance around with the idiotic silliness of the season just rams home how awful your situation is. People are selfish idiots.

Gorgeous Christmas BabiesNow. As you could probably already guess if you don’t know me personally I belong completely and utterly in camp number 1. I guess this is because I was super lucky enough to have been brought up in a family equally as ridiculous as me in it’s enthusiasm for the season.  I understand why people are in camp 2. It IS a very commercial time of year and every year seemingly more so with the media (social media especially *eyeballs Pinterest*) introducing more and more ways to pressure us into spending more. Christmas Eve "box" for the kids anyone? Homemade Advent filled with toys anyone? Or the ultimate Advent Calendar for this Mummy.... Selfridges!

But as for the last camp....this time of year can absolutely suck like hell for a lot of people. It’s so easy to get caught up in the madness and forget that there are lonely people or sad or ill people who could really do with a boost at this time of year. Sorry to turn this light hearted post into a sombrefest but for my fellow Christmas lunatics it might be nice to give some of our silliness back to the community and share our spirit. I have wanted to do something worthwhile at Christmas for a while but having small kids has always been the excuse I use for not committing. This year I am going to change that. I want to do something to make someone’s life a bit easier this Christmas. If you are a fellow Christmas looney here are some ways you can help too to share the Christmas Love:

(If you’re a bah humbug, buck yer ideas up and join in too)

Finally if you are one of my fellow are some local charities you can help out.

If that feels like too much but you want to keep it local then check out the following sites:

The Wallich / Emmaus South Wales  / Llamau / Shelter Cymru / Cardiff Foodbank

 I hope everyone EVERYONE even the BAH HUMBUGS have a brilliant time this Christmas.


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