Thursday, 14 July 2016

I'm Pleased About Theresa May. There I said it.

I am ashamed about this but I am actually pleased that Theresa May is our new Prime Minister.

I am ashamed not because I ashamed of agreeing with her political views BECAUSE OF COURSE I DON'T! And I am sure there are plenty more people in this country who are totally horrified at her placement as head of our political field. But no. That aside. I am pleased because she is a woman. It’s been 26 years since we had a female Prime Minister. And before that, for the entire 300 years of the existence parliament there were NO female Prime Ministers. No women making some of the most important decisions of our lifetime or even history. All men.

Now we are starting to re-dress the balance. Hooray! I am excited by this. The problem is, the reason I am ashamed is because it absolutely shouldn’t even be a “thing”. NO ONE should be talking about it. I certainly shouldn’t be excited by it. It should just be another day in politics with the focus firmly on the fate of our country in the aftermath of the Brexit cluster-fuck.

I am ashamed because I of all people should not be bringing attention to her gender but unfortunately society is still at a place where it DOES matter. It IS still a big deal. Because it’s been 26 years since our last female Prime Minister. And female politicians still only occupy a third of the overall majority...perhaps not even, yet our population is half female.

And in typical tabloid style her penchant for snazzy shoes is a THING. WHY ARE WE INTERESTED IN HER SHOES? How many pictures of David Cameron’s shoes are there? I just did a quick google search and the top story was this one from the Evening Standard: 30 most memorable looks from the new PM…. WTF? Was there a fashion feature when the pig poker got into office? I don’t think so. And actually the pig poking story could be used as an argument that whoever is in office will be hounded and ridiculed for something to do with their personal life. Yes of course, but for women it is ALWAYS their looks.

Cherry Blair was annihilated in the press because of her “enthusiastic” smile and because she dared to open 10 Downing St in her nightie…. All of this centring on appearance does one keeps women in their place. It’s there to undermine us on every level. To remind us that however well we do in life, our worth will only ever be judged by our looks.

That’s why it matters that the new PM is a woman. Because she’s a woman who’s still being judged on her looks. Until we can have a fair distribution of women in political office, as head of international corporations, at every level, then it’s still a thing that she’s got in.

Don’t get me started on her white privilege though…. 
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