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When I was having my first child, I asked a friend to provide me with a list of things she thought would need when he came along. I've since adapted it for a few friends and thought it might be an idea to make it available to anyone having their first. Some of the things are musts and some are subjective. But it might help give you the bare bones of what you'll need. Feel free to make suggestions to add too! I used this list for the arrival of my second too. 
  1. 7 Sleepsuits / 7 vests 0-3 months (at least)
  2. Bibs (I liked the roll top Tommy Tippee  Milk Ones the best but they go quite manky coloured after a few washes)
  3. 20+ muslin clothes
  4. Electric room thermometer, most baby monitors have this…even tho the baby will sleep in your room or in the living room with you to being with might be worth getting one or ask for one as a pressie. Or if your are super posh you can get a mini video one, or super paranoid, one with a sensor mat……
  5. Crib/portable Moses basket. We didn’t have the Moses basket, just a crib upstairs…we just put him in the pram in the day (or sofa when tiny) but lots of people find them handier so you can just carry them around with you from room to room.
  6. Travel system (pram, car seat, pushchair…OR just get the car seat and pram and a cheapy pushchair when he/she’s about a year old…travel systems are good but bulky). I did LOADS of research and iCandy turned out to be pretty good but we used a cheap Tesco buggy too when we didn’t want the palaver of having to deal with the hugeness of the iCandy.
  7. Cot/crib sheets
  8. Blankets for bed / travelling (at least 2 because one will always be in the wash!)
  9. 2 Cardies / hoodies (season dependant),  1 All-in one coat that does up at the front esp if it’s Autumn/Winter when you bring him/her home
  10. Scratch mittens, hats (no ties), you’ll need at least one hat for the hospital, they lose lots of heat out of their heads and when they’re tiny they need uber warmth!
  11. Nappies size 1 (I didn’t even know they came in sizes)….i tried ALL the posh ones….Huggies, Pampers etc and found all rubbish (ie he’d be wet thru in the morning) and that Asda’s own were great. We used them right the way until he was potty trained. But you find which ones you like. ,
  12. Wipes & Nappy bags (unscented nappy bags). When I had my first, the best advice I had was to buy Clip-on-top packs, which were easy to open with one hand and easy to get wipes out of. Unfortunately, supermarkets soon got wise to this and started ONLY supplying their own brand wipes with this clip and mostly the wipes themselves were pants. SO stuff that, just find wipes you like. My son was sensitive to fragranced ones. Our favourite even now are Huggies cos they are thick but soft and have the right dampness.
  13. Cotton Wool, because to begin with, you’ll probably only want to wash your baby with warm water and cotton wool rather than with wipes.
  14. Baby bath / Tummy tub The Tummy tub supports them and saves your back and easier to do when on your own and it’s very cute! If you use a baby bath I’d get a Baby Bath Support . It Used to wreck my back trying to do it on my own without!
  15. Travel cot….any old one will do. They are very similar.
  16. Activity mat aka baby gym …he/she’ll prob get most out of this from about 6 months. Get one with lights and music in bright colours although they can only see black white and red to begin with it will stimulate him/her when colours start to emerge.
  17. Changing mat and bag…you will use this everywhere so get one that’s good quality that you like. Have a look in John Lewis. I had the ubiquitous Cath Kidston one because I like the easy-clean oil-cloth portable change-mat.
  18. Maternity Sanitary pads, not cheap ones….you will lose “lochia” after the birth for a few weeks even if you have a C-section. It’s grim and it smells like mild version of a male body fluid you might already be familiar with. Bleurgh! But it’s just like a big period.
  19. Nursing bras, washable breast pads.
  20. Papoose/sling type thing – not cheap one ….this was on my list but I didn’t bother cos my back was up the creek. Lovely idea tho if your back is Ok. A lot of my friends used them and they are awesome for keeping hands free if you’re shopping etc.  
  21. Avent Bottles, teats, bottle brush. Avent are great!
  22. Microwave (Avent) Steriliser. Don’t get sterilising tablets/liquid unless you don’t have a microwave. Microwave sterilisers just use water, so the bottles etc don’t taste bleachy when they come out. Although it might be an idea to have some Milton there for emergencies. Like when you put the steriliser on with no water in and the whole thing + all bottles and dummies melts into a pile of hideous, chemical-stenched plastic.
  23. Bath thermometer …you can just get a cheapy one from the supermarket. You can of course use your elbow but i like seeing those numbers!
  24. Nail scissors/baby clippers. I still uses the baby clippers on my son at 3. They’re brill and i’ve never (ok only ONCE) cut too much off the nail. They’re really safe and easy to use. Or you could just bite the nails off if you’re minger.
  25. Avent manual Breast pump OR Medula electric (I bored mine from a friend)….ok so everyone told me to get manual but if I had the choice next time I would go electric. It’s BORING pumping! And obviously you only need one if you do manage to breast feed. And even then you might not want to pump. I had to, to help my milk flow.
  26. Automatic Rocker or Swing. This will be a god-send from about 4-6 weeks cos it’s means you can put him/her down whilst you get on with things for a few minutes at a time…ie when you need the loo! Btw be prepared for your baby to sleep ON you and NO WHERE else even at night for the first 6-8 weeks. This makes sleeping in bed tricky....
  27. Changing table or station. To begin with changing him/her on the bed or on the floor will be fine but after a while your back may give out. In which case get a changing table. A portable one is good but we couldn’t find a nice one that wasn’t very expensive (wooden fold up ones were SO expensive). Ours was £50 Ikea but it’s UGLY. You don’t need a fold up one, i am just too lazy to go upstairs all the time if I want to change him/her.
  28. Digital thermometer…this is really good for determining when to take them to the hospital!!!! And actually you can use it as a room thermometer too to begin with. I found the truest reading comes from the inner ear. 
  29. Baby Calpol/Infacol.  Calpol, for temperatures. Infacol will help to get wind up and we used it every feed

For later (4-5 months)
1.   Play nest / Bumbo, to help support them as they learn to sit up.
2.   Ashton & Parsons Powders were the best teething solution we found (other than Paracetamol / Ibuprofen) because the gels didn’t tend to stick to the gums very well. Babies seem to like the sensation of the grains on their even if they don’t have a great numbing affect, they certainly distract them from moaning for a bit.
3.   Bowls, baby rice, plastic spoons, plastic backed bibs
4.   Annabel Karmel baby weaning book! Unless you go baby led (don't panic if you have no idea about this. address it later!)
5.    Baby monitor *(but you might have wanted to get his earlier)
6.   High chair …this will be even later. Portable booster seats are good too.
7.   Black out blinds. They’ll sleep thru anything to begin with, noise and light etc but the older they get the more they will be sensitive to these things. My son slept a MILLION times better when we got black out stuff.
8.   This is a bit of a luxury, but a Jumperoo if you can borrow one, or find one cheap on eBay. My son LOVED it and would spend hours bouncing up and down in it.

What I found you didn’t need:

1.   Too many outfits for a young age range (eg Newborn/0-3 months) cos you won’t be bothered to dress him/her up for the first few weeks. My son lived in babygrows until he was a few months old.
2.   Toys….they don’t need any toys to begin with and certainly not soft toys. My son had tonnes. We just put them away. He LOVES them now but he wasn’t interested at all for the first 18 months. They’ll obviously want teethers and rattly, noisey things but soft toys are pointless, unless they develop an attachment to one specific one. In which case, get two or more identical so you can swap them when they need washing!

Extra Advice

NB there will be A LOT of presents that you think are lovely or sweet or whatever but that you won’t use. Keep hold, re-gift or eBay when he/she’s older. Or even keep for the next one. People sometimes give you clothes that are totally unsuitable for that age group at that time of year but they might be fine for the next one. Or lovely little “First Tooth/First Curl” box sets...which of course you only need ONE of (if at all). 
Oh and this is UBER obvious but keep a list in the living room or in your diary and write down the present and who it’s from for the MILLIONS of thank you letters you’ll be doing. I say this because although it seems obvious now, when the baby is here your head is mashed and the presents tend to come in dribs and drabs and can be really easy to lose track of what came from where.
I hope you found this at least partly useful. As I said at the start, let me know if their are any more ideas you have that I can add. Also please email me if you would like me to send you a printable list.


  1. Hi honey! It's Charlotte here.
    Just one quick thing to add....when you are in the hospital (obvs giving birth etc!) I found that the most useful thing we had (apart from a couple of good wool blankets) was a generous pack of Pampers baby wipes or similar. Hospitals will provide a few nappies (they get them free!) but when it comes to wipes you don't get any! Don't make the mistake we did - baby is born after quite a long labour, baby gets weighed, baby does mahoosive runny turd just after being weighed, baby has sod-all to be wiped with. Pack wipes, please!
    One more point is that ALDI does amazing nappies up to a size 6! My lad is potty trained apart from pooing, we rarely go out but for example, we attended a wedding yesterday (yesterday day and all evening - we don't tend to go out in the evening) and he wore a pull up from ALDI for 16 hours on the trot with no toilet break, fat nappy today but amazeballs or what?
    Love your blogs hun.
    PS Has Gus been getting picky with food or has he done that picky toddler thang? XXXX

  2. Hey Charlotte! Yes good idea, or cotton wool if you want to use that instead. Also a blanket, I forgot a baby blanket with Gus and he was wrapped in a towel for the first day! Gus was a picky eater from the minute we changed from puree to textured food. He's actually now, at nearly 3.5, coming OUT of that phase! :| XX

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