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Don't Be Scared Of Feminism

Are you scared to call yourself a feminist? Even though you think you should be and you probably want to be and you might be already but...but.... really you’re just worried that someone:  a) Will suddenly expect you to list off all transgressions towards women since time began? And therefore cause you to have a hundred thousand counter arguments as to why you shouldn’t be? b) Will ask how you can be a Feminist if you wear make-up, care about your appearance, shave your armpits, are attracted to men, enjoy sex etc? c) Will think of you as some raging bra-burning radical hangover from the 70s who doesn’t wash and wears Birkenstocks? d) Will think you just hate men? (Oh bless her; she’s had a hard time with a fella, poor dab). e) Other? If you answer yes to one or all of these questions PLEASE don’t despair! Up until a few years ago, I don’t think I would feel brave enough to come out on social media and spout anything about Feminism. I actually studied gender ident