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Periods Suck.

Periods.  We've all had have 'em. Well those of us who are ( cis ) ladies. And for most of the men I’ve met, you’re pretty familiar with them too. What you men are not familiar with however, is the awfulness that is periods. Except for having to endure the mood swings of your partners, treading on eggshells and possibly extra chocolate-buying once a month. YES, PEOPLE, I AM WRITING ABOUT PERIODS! Periods have also been in the news recently for a couple of reasons. The free-bleeders protesting the tampon tax ; the candid interview that a Chinese swimmer gave at the Olympics where she mentioned she’d been on her period (but it was not to blame for her performance); And the fact that more and more companies are now offering woman paid “ Menstrualleave ” to optimise their productivity in the work place . But I know for most of us It’s still a very “eeeewwwy” inducing subject and I’m pretty sure that includes MOST men. And I understand why. It IS grim. It

Who Loves A Bit of Dressing Up?

Hands up who likes dressing up? Are you a lover or a hater? Three guesses which I am. Of course I am. I am a LOVER! I love that shiz to death! There is nothing more fun to me than making a big old deal about something with full blown costume thrown in….it completely adds to the excitement! If you give me an invite which has the immortal words “Fancy Dress” on it…you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll be there! But why DO some people like to dress up so much? Well, it’s a little bit of fantasy, isn’t it? You get to play someone or something else for a few hours. You can completely change persona if you feel like it! My parents had a 70s themed Ruby Wedding party and people didn’t even recognise me. I loved it! “Look, it’s me JESS! ….see?” I was so over excited, bless. It can also be quite ceremonial. When a friend had her 40 th  a few years ago, after a long struggle with cancer we were all instructed to come in medieval gowns and the venue was the basement of a medieval castle. It fe

7 Ways I fail at gender neutral parenting (But it doesn’t make me a rubbish feminist)

Here are the seven ways I fail at gender-neutral parenting:  1) I painted my daughter’s new bedroom peach and bright yellow and my 6 yr old boy’s bedroom grey and black. 2) I bought some “boy” and “girl” toys for the party bags for my son’s birthday. Including prett y stickers & hair clips vs robot stickers & cars. 3) My son loves football and my daughter loves dancing. I actively encourage both. 4) Gus had Thomas the Tank crockery when he was little. I bought Joni Peppa Pig stuff when she came along. 5) Gus’s wardrobe was lots of reds, yellows, greens as well as blue when he was little but now his wardrobe is made up of black, brown and grey. Joni has those colours too but also ALL the colours and a big dollop of yellow, pink and purple. 6) Gus had fairly neutral toys until about one but then he was drawn towards cars, trains and balls. So that’s what we bought. Joni was obsessed with dolls by the age of one. Admittedly introduced by the child