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Why We Love Autumn. Do YOU?

Autumn is the most exciting time of year, hands down. WHY? Firstly, because Spring is an expectation for a summer we never usually have. Winter is one month of festive fun and two months of misery and darkness… and UK summer.... the desperate hope that we will have a warm, dry summer…immediately dashed up the arrival of howling winds and driving rain on August 1st. All summer sun well and truly over before the kids holidays. Do kids these days even know what a hosepipe ban IS?! I think in this country especially, that’s probably a big part of why we love the arrival of Autumn. Summer in the UK these days is just so goddamn disappointing. Even though we may have a good run in June and July, as soon as the holiday starts ...dull, grey days, wind. Interspersed with a few nice days here and there. Possibly a one day heat wave bringing a big surge of hope that it’ll stick around only to wake to gale force ten battering your windows the following morning. Of course there are (crazy) pe

The Blogger Tag for #Vlogstars

Hello! I have once again joined in the #Vlogstars linky run by Aby & Amy and this month it was The Blogger Tag, questions all about blogging....hoorah! So if you want to know more about my PROCESS as a blogger (yes I am aware this makes me sound like a poncey method actor!) then click and learn! If you want to join in, I've copied the questions below and if you click the pic at the bottom it will take you to the original linky for you to join in the fun.  In the meantime, watch, share and have fun.  Oh and I am a bit drunk. #sorrynotsorry.  The questions: 1. Where Do You Blog? 2. Where Do You Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts? 3. How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post? 4. Do You Plan Your Blog Posts? How? 5. What Kind of Camera Do You Use? What Editing Program? 6. Do You Use a Notebook To Track Your Ideas? 7. How Do You Take Your Pictures? 8. What’s Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write? 9. Who Knows About Your

Nobody Needs to Know If You Want Kids.

I’m gonna sum up this post with a little pop quiz before delving into the nitty gritty. Are you a woman? Do/did you want kids? = JUDGEMENT REGARDLESS OF ANSWER. Are you a man? Do/did you want kids? = JUDGEMENT? Not so much. I just watched a segment on daytime TV behemoth This Morning, about the pressures of being a childless woman which stemmed from NicolaSturgeon announcing that she’s suffered a miscarriage in 2011. Does Nicola Sturgeon suffering a miscarriage have an effect on your perception of her as a human? Does it have an effect on your opinion of her ability to do her job? Sadly I think the answer for most is yes and yes. “Yes I feel like we see a more relatable side to her now we know she WANTED to have kids but has not been able to.” This is because it’s seen in our society as a natural, instinctive response to being a woman...the desire to have kids. Women who don’t want to are often castigated as cold-hearted career women. SELFISH even in wanting

Term time Mornings vs School Holidays

Term time mornings:l 5am: Cats wake up, have mental 10 mins, run up and down the stairs, fight each other, jump on parents heads. Parents shout at cats. Go back to sleep. 6am: 6 yr old bursts into bedroom and/or makes loud “playing” noises outside bedroom door to alert parents of presence. 6.05am: Parents shout at child to keep noise down. 6.06am: Child maintains levels of noise. 6.10am: One parent gets up scares child downstairs with sleep-riddled anger and promises unfettered use of iPad for half an hour more sleep. 6.45am: Alarm goes off in parents room. 6.50am: Snooze goes off. 6.55am: Snooze goes off. 7.00am: Snooze goes off, Mummy belts Daddy with pillow to turn it off and get up. 7.05am: Daddy wakes 2 yr old. 7.06am: Daddy & children have breakfast. 7.20am: Daddy drags Mummy from bed and alerts her to her need to parent. 7.25am: Daddy goes to work, Mummy looks at social media on phone through blurry

It's shit when your mate dies.

It’s shit when your mate dies. It’s shit shit shit. Even if you knew it was gonna happen, it’s still shit. Like, everyone is going to die at some point yeah? But she was gonna die sooner. You knew she was gonna die soon. Like, some day soon but you didn’t know exactly when. And then she did. And it’s shit. It’s shit when your mate gets cancer. Even though everyone knows someone who’s had it. But it wasn’t her. And now it is. And it’s shit. It’s shit when your mate, who’s only a bit younger than you, gets cancer. And she’s like, got a brilliant happy life. She’s got a fab job and she’s gonna go really far cos she’s so brilliant. She’s brilliant. She’s funny. She’s clever. She’s silly. She’s crazy. She’s talented. She takes no shit. She tried REALLY hard at taking no shit from cancer. She didn’t take shit from cancer for a long time. For 8 years she fought it like a motherfucker. She didn’t want to be

#Vlogstars TMI Tag

Hello Helicopter fans! Here is my #Vlogstars TMI Tag. It's looong. I tried *so hard* to not make it as long as the last one. But I failed. But there are a LOT of questions. So if you want to know ALL THE THINGS about me then this is the vlog for you!  I also did this tag a few years ago in blog format and the link to that is here .   There are a few more answers on that one but at least you're not listening to me drone on... It's actually a bit late if you wanted to join in the linky because I think it's closed! But if you fancied doing it just for shits and giggles then the questions are below and tweet me a link so I can read ALL OF YOUR THINGS!  UPDATE: I tag Shell from The Purple Pumpkin blog to do it, innit!  ENJOY!!!! The TMI tag! 1: What are you wearing? 2: Ever been in love? 3: Ever had a terrible breakup? 4: How tall are you? 5: How much do you weigh? 6: Any tattoos? 7: Any piercings? 8: OTP? (One True Pairin