Wednesday 21 September 2016

The Blogger Tag for #Vlogstars

Hello! I have once again joined in the #Vlogstars linky run by Aby & Amy and this month it was The Blogger Tag, questions all about blogging....hoorah! So if you want to know more about my PROCESS as a blogger (yes I am aware this makes me sound like a poncey method actor!) then click and learn! If you want to join in, I've copied the questions below and if you click the pic at the bottom it will take you to the original linky for you to join in the fun. 

In the meantime, watch, share and have fun. 

Oh and I am a bit drunk. #sorrynotsorry. 

The questions:

1. Where Do You Blog?

2. Where Do You Find Inspiration For Your Blog Posts?

3. How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post?

4. Do You Plan Your Blog Posts? How?

5. What Kind of Camera Do You Use? What Editing Program?

6. Do You Use a Notebook To Track Your Ideas?

7. How Do You Take Your Pictures?

8. What’s Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write?

9. Who Knows About Your Blog?

10. Are You an Organised or a Messy Blogger?

11. Biggest Blogging Pet Peeve?

You Baby Me Mummy


  1. Oh Jess I love you!
    Laughing my head off at the thicko part, so honest!

    1. A bit naughty! But there we go. Was laughing at yours too.... Aria and Joni both seem to like being on camera. I need to finish watching so i can comment. Have it bookmarked! MwaH! Xxxx

  2. Awesome vid! I totally answered the wrong questions on mine?! WTF? I love a good notepad, have waaaaaaaaaaaay too many hahaha!


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