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ASMR is killing my Anxiety Woohoo!

What in the heck is ASMR? Have you heard of it? It has completely changed my life! OK that sounds super dramatic but it’s definitely changed my sleep and that, in turn, has changed my life. Because I am less tired. So my life is mildly better, but you know that IS a change, technically speaking.  But what IS it though?   The pseudo-scientific name itself is an acronym.  Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response . A phrase coined by Jennifer Allen, who came up with this term after  years of discussions  in internet forums (because, of course)  with fellow experiencers of the "tingles". The best way to describe the feeling is a warm, comforting, tingly hairs on your neck standing up or prickles in your hair line.... as a  response  to seeing but, more often than not, HEARING certain sounds.  It's an extremely pleasurable experience.... like a mild  euphoria .  Another way to describe it is, when you were younger, did you enjoy your parent / friends