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I'm Too Lazy To Be a Mum!

I’m not being funny, but I seriously think I am too lazy to be a mum. I don’t think I ever expected it to be so….  relentless . Like, it is literally non-stop, high alert from the minute your eyes ping open til the minute they are allowed to droop back down into blissful rest. Why didn’t someone WARN me? I didn’t sign up for this! I signed up for a few early mornings, sure! I knew the first few MONTHS might be a bit tiring….what with all that feeding through the night rubbish but then they sleep through and it’s totally fine, right? Oh yeah there might be a few nights when they’re ill….but like, how ill can a kid be? And if they’re ill….that means they sleep MORE right? But actually it’s a bit harder than that. It’s LOADS harder. SO firstly they don’t sleep. Well, not in the way you THINK they should. Looking back at my first child, sleeping and feeding in 3 hour cycles…. I used to think I was unlucky because he wasn’t sleeping through at 6 weeks! But he kept that r

The 90s Tag for #Vlogstars

Hello lovely people! I have done my first actual themed vlog. I have answered a series of questions about my best bits of the 90s. I've joined up with   Aby from You Baby Me Mummy & Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three and their linky #Vlogstars.  You can join in too! The questions are below.... if you don't want to vlog it though, bung the answers on my Facebook post so I can be nosy!  Be warned this is a long vlog. I am sorry I find it SO hard to self edit! There is lots of visual stimulus though so hopefully it's not a total bore off. Enjoy!  1. Favourite Disney film? 2. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys? 3. Favourite music artist? 4. Favourite candy/sweet? 5. Weirdest fashion trend? 6. Favourite game console & game? 7. What would you watch after school/college? 8. Favourite book? 9. Favourite clothing store? 10. Your best 90s memory?