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Find some stuff out about me!

  *                       *                       *                       *                       *                       *                       * Here are some questions sent to me by another blogger: 1. Where in the world is your favourite holiday destination? Of the places I’ve been, the place I loved the most was Hoi Ann in Vietnam. But I like to go to different places rather than one place repeatedly. In Hoi Ann 2. What was your favourite subject at school? Art but I didn’t study it because I didn’t like our art dept. 3. What would be the first thing you did if you won the Lottery? Go on holiday! To India.  4. Who would you want to be marooned on a desert island with? My husband and children of course! Is that pathetic?! 5. What would be your ideal date night? Emlyn, shiraz, pizza, chocolate, dvd, doings. 6. Full English or Continental ? Bit of both, I like Eggs, cheese, tomatoes and olives ideally. I am not being a ponce here tho, this was just a