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90s Nostalgia vs Present Day Mindfulness

Retro 90s! It’s all OVER the place at the moment! People are lapping up those Madchester tunes, baggy trousers, bucket hats and days when you could smoke anywhere you liked. This Is England 90 ! (Admittedly immense television viewing) TFI Friday ! My MAD Fat Diary ! 90s themed nights! 90s themed parties! There are even 90s Fashion revival boards all over Pinterest and Guardian article s extolling the virtues of a time before trolling. This is a very strange time for me. My experience of the 90s was mostly brilliant but also a little bit mixed. I was a teenager for the most part (I was 16 in 1992) in school and then in Uni. So emotionally, seeing all of these programmes and getting caught up in the tidal wave of nostalgia isn’t a wholly pleasant experience. But then, is gorging on nostalgia ever a good thing? Obviously being a teenager is an exciting but difficult time for anyone. Working out your place in the world, convinced you’re a “grown up” but without the k