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Is the Parent Blogger market saturated?

Is the “Parent Blogger” market saturated? There are now thousands of us out there churning out blog posts left, right and centre. But how many more great parent bloggers will come forward trying to be the next super high profile power blogger? All clamouring to be called up to write opinion pieces for well known media sources or even the TV Mecca, an appearance on This Morning! There is certainly a wide pool of genuinely talented writers out there, all willing to write pieces for online newspapers for free in the ambitious hope that the exposure will send them stratospheric. (Those papers have it sussed! Great content, written for free!) Where will it end? Will we all just implode into some big blogosphere black hole leaving a sorry trail of burnt out lap tops, tablets and PCs behind us? Sure, lots of us SAY that we are just blogging for a little hobby or some “me” time or as an online diary for our families to read or whatever. But who, really, is gonna turn

Stop telling me I am lucky to have my husband!

I am so tired of being told how grateful I should be for my husband. I hear it all the time. Even my own Grandmother has said it to me. So what is allegedly so special about my husband? 1. My husband cooks. He will cook every night unless I want to cook something. 2. He cooked every night of both my pregnancies because I couldn’t stand the smell of ANYTHING. He also did all the washing up because it grossed me out and the washing cos I was knackered. He did virtually everything around the house. 3. He does most of the clothes washing. 4. He does the bins and the litter tray with little or no reminder. 5. He vacuums when it needs doing and not because I’ve asked. 6. He gets up with the kids every school day and gives them breakfast and gets one or both of them dressed. 7. He loves spending time with the kids and spends hours playing with them both. 8. He drives us everywhere. 9. He’s more than happy to stay in pretty much every night of the week and let me, if I