Friday, 22 May 2015

Is the Parent Blogger market saturated?

Is the “Parent Blogger” market saturated? There are now thousands of us out there churning out blog posts left, right and centre. But how many more great parent bloggers will come forward trying to be the next super high profile power blogger? All clamouring to be called up to write opinion pieces for well known media sources or even the TV Mecca, an appearance on This Morning! There is certainly a wide pool of genuinely talented writers out there, all willing to write pieces for online newspapers for free in the ambitious hope that the exposure will send them stratospheric. (Those papers have it sussed! Great content, written for free!)

Where will it end? Will we all just implode into some big blogosphere black hole leaving a sorry trail of burnt out lap tops, tablets and PCs behind us?

Sure, lots of us SAY that we are just blogging for a little hobby or some “me” time or as an online diary for our families to read or whatever. But who, really, is gonna turn down having a piece published in say, The Daily Mail?! Because even tho most of us hate it....most of us still guiltily read the side bar of shame and covet the opportunity to write articles which we all think we could have written better, whilst simultaneously bashing out the least bitter compliments we can muster to the successful fellow blogger currently filling your screen... (or is that just me....)

I wonder if Carrie Bradshaw is to blame? The image imprinted on most of our brains of her puffing away on the now forbidden (shriek!) Marlboro Light, writing up her column in her cool NY apartment, having had a night of cocktails and hilarity with her mates in some super cool venue! Isn’t that what at least SOME of us fantasise about when we’re stuck in our grubby, kids snot covered PJs, cradling luke warm tea, greasy haired and bleary eyed, writing up our latest BRILLIANT piece?! That’s gonna be me! I’m gonna be as cool as Carrie! When I’ve lost all this baby weight (that I seemed to have before babies) and when my kids are at least in full time education, and I’ve had more than 4 hours sleep in one go and we have won the lottery so that someone can clean my super cool house in New York whilst I write up my latest COLUMN (it will be a proper column) for the New York TIMES!


Essentially though the parenting community is lovely network to be a part of. It’s vast and varied and incredibly supportive. Any bitterness at other’s success is unlikely to be aimed at others...just an internal envy...why couldn’t it be me?! Why aren’t I that funny/clever/savvy?!

 And I’m in no way denigrating this community by suggesting there maybe too many of us. That would be pissing on my own doorstep! It has helped me through a hell of a lot of tough times in my parenting career so far, and I hope this continues. There’s always someone online at any hour to chat to on Twitter or Facebook, awake for probably the same reasons as me. I’ve really had great advice and learnt tons and tons about parenting from being in touch with such a great lot.

Of course there really are some parent bloggers who are just happy to blog away with no ambition other than to entertain themselves and their readers. Parents who like having products to review, or running competitions, or running linkies, or just posting gorgeous pics of their kiddies. Not everyone is as cynical and competitive as me!

But there are just so many of us bloggers aspiring to the adulation of the masses out there! We’re multiplying faster than wet gremlins. (Old skool reference there). People are realising that it’s a very easy, fun, potentially ego-boosting way to occupy your time. And when you’re breastfeeding, your little ones are having a nap (like mine RIGHT NOW), or when they’re finally asleep at night...all you have to do is fire up the old laptop/tablet/PC and tap out some of your funnier or more entertaining experiences of the day.

Who knows where the Parent Blogging phenomenon will end up.... I will be interested to see if it’s still going strong in 10 or even 5 years time. And what will be the thing to usurp it? Vlogging seems to be getting more popular. Maybe there’ll be a TV channel just for parents? Live streaming parenting? All I know is that I’ll probably still be there at the back, desperately trying to get to the front and have my OPINIONZ IN YOUR FACE!!!!! Watch out world, Mrs Helicopter is coming to get you!!!!!

UPDATE 14-07-2015: OMG I predicted it here first! One word: Periscope! SPOOOOOOKY! I can see into the future! 


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