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Beautiful, Birthday May


Blossoms! Sunshine! Warmth! Swifts and Martins! Bursts of pink, green and white, buzzy busy bees, blue sky with the aroma of freshly cut grass. The promise of more luxurious days dozing in the garden on sunny days. The start of summer! I LOVE this time of year.

All my senses are heightened in May. Even the laziest trees (Ash, I am looking at you) finally have green leaves. And flowers, flowers everywhere! It’s a veritable feast for the eyes. The birds are singing, the grass is being mown (unless you’re doing no mow may but ssssssh).

I owe you all a positive, happy post because I’m really good at writing when I am miserable and usually too busy having fun when I am not. So, I thought I’d describe my favourite time of year.

Spring in general is exciting for me because the end of Winter in the UK drags so much and even more so this year with the record rainfall. It’s been very cold and wet and pretty bleak, really.

But the sun has finally poked through right in time for Birthday month, yey! Both my son and I have birthdays this month. So, I’ve always been biased about this time of year. I have big nostalgia for birthdays when I was younger. I can remember so many great parties. For my seventh birthday my mum made me a seven dwarves’ cake from the Jane Asher cookbook. I had a big party in the garden. For my 10th birthday my mum made me a golden fairy tutu which I didn’t take off all day and I got to dance around the May Pole at school!

We had loads of horse chestnut trees surrounding our school playground and in May their candle like pink and white blooms decorated every tree. Like the universe is saying, Hey! Happy birthday Jess!

I know it can seem quite immature how excited I get for my birthday. I am pushing 50 and I STILL get excited about it. Most adults don’t really care about theirs or even actively dread it. Whether it’s because of getting older or being the centre of attention.

Despite being a massive show off, I don’t actually love being the centre of attention. This will be scoffed at by many, I am sure. But if I think that I’m being watched and there’s an expectation on me to perform, I will immediately shut down. This is why I can’t go on stage. I would have loved to have been a singer and paraded across the stage bellowing like Janis Joplin but one attempt at public karaoke had my legs shaking for hours.

What I actually love, is being the centre of fun! Birthdays signify fun, celebration, dancing, singing, eating, drinking and ok PRESENTS!!!! My life is one big strive for silliness and giggles. I love entertaining my friends and making people laugh but only in a spontaneous way.

All this to say, I am a happy, excited bunny right now. And I definitely have loads of moments of good, positive feelings. I’m not all bad chaos and gloom.

Now don’t sit inside reading this nonsense. Get outside in that lovely sunshine, enjoy my chestnut birthday candles (huhuh!) and embrace the start of summer. Yey!


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