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A little bio: I'm 44 (I know, WELL old) and I live in Cardiff. I am Welsh (mostly) but lived in London for a bit as a kid. I went to a posh girls school when we were back in Wales but didn’t really fit in; I went to a cruddy uni in Swansea and got a good degree in Art; moved back to London for a bit, worked in some galleries, got lonely (read: dumped) ; moved back to Cardiff, flailed around trying to get some type of arty job for a few years, eventually ended up working in the Finance dept for a Welsh Speaking Church which was ironic given I am an English speaking, maths-illiterate atheist. Still, the job has allowed me great flexibility in my life. I’ve travelled for a couple of months in South East Asia and lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year.

When I got back from Oz I met my lush husband Emlyn K Helicopter and resumed working for the Church. Before long, I was married with 2 kids: a boy, 10 and a girl, 6, and 3 cats: Bertie, Spider and Muffin. Yeah I know, the cats names' are awful. I have no defence.  

Why I starting blogging: I started this blog in 2012 as a diet bore to help me lose weight. I changed direction of it to become more "parenty" when I was up the duff with my daughter but it's become more focused on Feminism as this has become more important in my life. 

I've also since had gastric surgery and taken my diet woes over to this blog

What this about blog is NOW: I write about lots of things here.... being a parent, being a woman (hence the feminism theme), being aware of privilege, having mental health challenges (mainly anxiety), kids=hardwork, how I like wine and plenty of other things. I moan a lot. I'm quite childish (you may have noticed) and I overshare BIG TIME. 

Here are some links to posts where I talk about me some more....

If you have any questions send me an email, message me on Facebook or tweet me & I will endeavour to answer anything! I will happily consider journo requests but am not interested in reviews or competitions though please. Use the buttons below for further contact. 

Here are a few media links to articles I've taken part in previously:


♥ Jess Helicopter ♥

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