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#TMI Post! Loads MORE things you don't need to know about me....

Our wedding case you didn't guess, like. Hey you guys ! I have been tagged not once but TWICE by the lush-a-licious  Michelle  at  The Purple Pumpkin Blog   and lush-a-licious  Liz at Everything Is Rosy . Because they are as nosy as me....hoorah! Now this is a looong post so grab a cuppa & yer phone charger and settle down..... What are you wearing? Me pj's.....a cardie and some thick socks.   Ever been in love?  Yes! I am lucky that I’ve been in love twice. My first was a university love, I spent my 20’s effectively single and then at 30 I met my husband, who I love to death. Ever had a terrible break-up?  Yep. With the guy I was at in uni. He broke my heart completely. He didn’t cheat; he fell out of love with me. And I don’t even blame him... It was my first proper relationship, I was desperately unhappy after moving up to London from South Wales. I worked in the centre of London and I would leave the house at 6.30-7am and get back at 8pm. We were sq