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#TMI Post! Loads MORE things you don't need to know about me....

Our wedding case you didn't guess, like.
Hey you guys! I have been tagged not once but TWICE by the lush-a-licious Michelle at The Purple Pumpkin Blog and lush-a-licious Liz at Everything Is Rosy. Because they are as nosy as me....hoorah! Now this is a looong post so grab a cuppa & yer phone charger and settle down.....

  1. What are you wearing? Me pj's.....a cardie and some thick socks.
  2.  Ever been in love? Yes! I am lucky that I’ve been in love twice. My first was a university love, I spent my 20’s effectively single and then at 30 I met my husband, who I love to death.
  3. Ever had a terrible break-up? Yep. With the guy I was at in uni. He broke my heart completely. He didn’t cheat; he fell out of love with me. And I don’t even blame him... It was my first proper relationship, I was desperately unhappy after moving up to London from South Wales. I worked in the centre of London and I would leave the house at 6.30-7am and get back at 8pm. We were squashed into a tiny 3 bed with 4 other people; I was miles and miles from all my friends and family. I was so lonely I would buy wine on my one day off a week (when he was in work) and sit in our room and drink and cry. So I became a bitch and he kicked me to the curb! I had nowhere to go, I had to leave my job and move back to Wales. It made me grow up overnight! It was the biggest learning curve of my life. And I am glad it happened. It taught me about myself and it made me stronger. And if it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have my amazing husband and babies. No regrets. 
  4. How tall are you?  5’5.5”! I used to say 5.6 but I’m not quite. I think I am shrinking too!
  5.  How much do you weigh? Ahem. WAY too much. I’m a size 20-22...that’s all I’m saying. (Although if you’re clever enough and really desperate to know....very early posts of this blog were weight loss themed and my starting weight is prob what I am now...)
  6.  Any Tattoos? Nope. I used to REALLY want one but now I’ve gone right off them. For me! Like them on others! And I am SO glad I didn’t get one done cos I’d be really regretting it now. 
  7.  Any piercings? Yes. When I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to have my ears pierced. Even as a teenager! My mum hated it....the thought of having holes in your ears made her feel sick. When I was 24 I went with a friend to get her eyebrow done and on a whim got my nose pierced. Then a few years later, during a bit of a turbulent time in my life I went thru a bit of an early mid-life crisis... (I was only 28!) I had a nipple pierced of the TWO just in case you thought anything weird was going on there... WOW that HURT! Then last year, for some unknown-even-to-me reason, I decided to get my ears done. And it turned out it was a few weeks before I conceived my daughter...I only knew this in retrospect obviously. This was a very long answer to a simple question......Oh but the irony is, my mum had HER ears pierced at the age of 50!!! Hypocrite!!! (Sorry mum! *waves*)
  8. OTP (One True Pairing)? OK this refers to Fandom and other geek shiz I know nothing about....but my interpretation of it would be in real life.... (i.e. my fav coupling) Liz Taylor and *swoon* Richard Burton. I’d die to meet either. I want to BE Elizabeth. Except maybe her weird friendship with Michael Jackson. And in fake life, Don and Betty Draper. I’m still hopeful....
  9. SO much love. 
    Favourite show? Right now it’s Mad Men. I can’t get enough of it. But it changes all the time. I watch a whole range of stuff. Mainly tho, it’s either total crap, historical docos/dramas or satirical comedy.
  10. Favourite bands? I’ve been out of the scene for a good few years but I listen to 6 Music everyday to try and keep a hand in. At the moment I quite like Haim, Django Django and Metronomy but not enough to actually download their albums. Older stuff is more Indie and rock and 60’s/70’s. Probably my all time fav band would be Led Zep tho. And (embarrassingly) from 1996-2203 I was obsessed with the Foo Fighters.
  11. Something you miss? Rather predictably this is someone who is Nana. Everyday. We were very close.
  12. Favourite song? Changes all the time. I was fixated on a Drake song recently.
  13. How old are you? 38. Look! A short answer!
  14.  Zodiac sign? Taurus. Dragon in Chinese horoscope. Charismatic leader that’s full of shit.....that’s me!
  15. Quality you look for in a partner? We have to be able to laugh together. Boring but essential. I am not interested in someone who can’t laugh.
  16. Favourite quote? "Oh, Edmund, can it be true? that I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest green?" Percy," Blackadder the Second."

  17.  Favourite Actor? It used to be Johnny Depp. I used to feel sick with lust when I saw pics of him and I love almost everything he’s been in.... But now he’s gone a bit old and puffy. I do love a bit of Matt Damon too. But I’d always go back the Burton. That velvety rich Welsh voice....hmmm.
  18.  Favourite colour? Red.
  19.  Loud Music or soft? Come on....loud of course!!!!
  20.  Where do you go when you are sad? To my hubs. He’s makes everything alreet.
  21.  How long does it take you to shower? 5 mins.
  22.  How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Er....quite a while. I have to get my 7 month daughter fed, changed and ready for the childminder, 4 yr old fed, dressed and ready for school and me ready for work, with or without make-up / shower / breakfast....depending on how late we are running.... Pre-kids tho.....if I’d had a late one....I’d have a shower before bed and sometimes roll out of bed, fling on clothes, do teeth and be out the door in 10 minutes...just for as much time in bed as poss!
  23.  Ever been in a physical fight? Twice. Once with my brother....altho he didn’t actually hit me back, quite gallantly considering I’d hit him with a guitar. (alcohol was involved) and once when an old friend tried to punch me in a club...after I’d been a bitch all night. Alcohol was also involved and by the time I’d got home (we lived in the same house share at the time) we were fine with each other! But I am way too much of a pussy to have a fight with a stranger, I’d have probably cried!  Altho I used to mouth off at blokes ALL the time in my old drinking-in-the-pub days. I was only threatened with a punch from one of them once remarkably.
  24. Turn on? This is weird, and I’m not just saying this to sound deliberately wacky and interesting....but I love the smell of garlic on other people’s breath. It actually properly makes me horny! I think it’s because I had a Greek boyfriend back in early days of uni and he always smelt of beer, camel cigarettes and garlic. Sounds revolting but it was so sexy. So I think that’s where it comes from.....
  25. Turn off? No body hair. I like a man with chest rug. Chest rug plus is a bonus.
  26. The reason I started blogging? I wanted something to help motivate me to stick to my diet (as I mentioned earlier). And it worked at the time. I lost a couple of stone. But then I got duffed up and changed it to “another” mummy blog. But I’m not so good at the mummy blogging...mainly cos I’m not so good at being a mummy!
  27.  Fears? That I’m an uber rubbish mum. Oh and that my children will grow up to be unhappy, drug addled lunatics. You know, the usual.
  28.  The last thing that made you cry? My own behaviour....lack of patience....
  29.  The last time you said you loved someone? God, dunno...I say it all the time. Ever since my nana died I’ve been paranoid that I may never have another opportunity to say it (even tho that wasn’t exactly the case with my nana). So I even say it to friend’s I love at the end of phone calls. And I’m not being flippant. I mean it.
  30. Meaning behind your blog name? I met my hubs online back in the day on MySpace and his online name was Emlyn K Helicopter. He's been in a band since his early 20s and that was what he called himself. I didn’t change my name when we got married because I think it’s old fashioned, patriarchal and I don’t see the point. (btw no judgement to those who do....there are lots of reasons people DO want to change their names.) But because Helicopter is neither of our real names’ I am happy to adopt it. Plus it’s funny. And now I don't even think about it. We are the Helicopters. 
  31. Last book you read? Snobs by Julian Fellows. Great.
  32. The book you are currently reading? The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. It’s literally un-put-downable.
  33.  Last show you watched? *shame face* The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
  34.  Last person you talked to? My hubster, sat opposite on his lap top. We’re such losers.
  35. The relationship between you and the last person you texted? My Aunty Kimmy....who’s too young to be my Aunty really and it annoys her that I call her Aunty. Hee hee!
  36. Favourite food? *stares menacingly at slimfast shake* ANYTHING SOLID! (but really, CHEESE)
  37.  Place you want to visit? China. Did some travelling back in the day (i.e. pre-kids, and pre-marriage) and went to SE Asia but would LOVE to see China. And I mean like a grand tour where I see all different aspects. I had an obsession with it years ago and read novels set there, written there, about Chinese immigrants, everything and watched Chinese films.....even weird obscure ones I found on t’interwebs. I am a bit obsessive about stuff.....
  38. The last place you were? What does this mean?! Like, the toilet or my garden or something?! If it means the last place I went abroad then it was our honeymoon in Sardinia 5 years ago.
  39. As you can see, not beached....
  40.  Do you have a crush? Wouldn’t it be a bit weird if I said, yeah actually there’s this guy... oops, hi Emlyn!!!? I have a crush on him still. Luckily.
  41. Last time you kissed someone? My son, goodnight. 
  42.  Last time you were insulted? Ah probably one of my brothers, Matt, mucking around. Can’t remember.
  43.  Favourite flavour of sweet? Not a sweet fan. Um, so not sure really. Oh I like Palma Violets.
  44. What instruments do you play? I can strum a guitar. I used to hide behind it to sing and (excruciatingly) I used to force my friends to listen to my warbling as if I was the next Joni Mitchell. *shudders*
  45. This photo is black and white cos my friend was doing photography. not because it actually WAS the 60s! 
  46. Favourite piece of jewellery? Cheese-aroonie but it’s my engagement ring. It was my Nana’s and being the little charmer I was as a kid, I used to say to her: Nana, when you die can I have you ring please?! So on her death bed she remembered and gave it to me. :’(
  47.  Last sport you played? Get off. I don’t DO sport.
  48.  Last song you sung? Dream a Little Dream of Me to my bubba.
  49.  Favourite chat up line? None, I hate them.
  50.  Have you ever used it? n/a
  51.   Last time you hung out with anyone? Hung out with my pal Spooks (Sally) and her girls on sat avo when Emlyn and my son were away. Girls day!
  52.  Who should answer the questions next? Whoever would like to! 


  1. Your TMI is so full of awesome, covered in awesomesauce, I don't know where to start!

    Wedding day outfits - lush!
    Shit breakups can lead to better things...for us both it would seem ;)
    Johnny Depp may be old and puffy, but I still would...
    I'm a Virgo Dragon! I'm supposed to get on super well with Taurus Dragons (one of my good friends is one) so that explains t'internet friendship we have!
    Garlic breath....*voms* weird chick!
    Hubs asked me if your last name was really Helicopter, I can now tell him the story!
    And, finally, *big sobs* your nana on her deathbed....♥

  2. Thanks my love! I think we're defo on the same wavelength. :D Glad you enjoyed it!!!! Big loves internet sistaaaaa Xxxxxx

  3. Wedding dress! Yes!!!!!! LOVE! :D

  4. I lurve your TMI. I feel like I've gotten to know you so much better in 5 minutes. Even more sad now that you live so far away. And I can't believe I had assumed that Helicopter was your real surname. haha xx

    1. Is your first name Californian? Hi Cali! (I know it isn't....i'm doing a funny). :D XXXXXXXXX

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