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Beautiful, Birthday May

  Blossoms! Sunshine! Warmth! Swifts and Martins! Bursts of pink, green and white, buzzy busy bees, blue sky with the aroma of freshly cut grass. The promise of more luxurious days dozing in the garden on sunny days. The start of summer! I LOVE this time of year. All my senses are heightened in May. Even the laziest trees (Ash, I am looking at you) finally have green leaves. And flowers, flowers everywhere! It’s a veritable feast for the eyes. The birds are singing, the grass is being mown (unless you’re doing no mow may but ssssssh). I owe you all a positive, happy post because I’m really good at writing when I am miserable and usually too busy having fun when I am not. So, I thought I’d describe my favourite time of year. Spring in general is exciting for me because the end of Winter in the UK drags so much and even more so this year with the record rainfall. It’s been very cold and wet and pretty bleak, really. But the sun has finally poked through right in time for Birthday month,

Breakdown of a chaotic day.

I really struggled today. I didn’t seem to be able to achieve anything I wanted to. I thought today would be really straight forward. Nope. My brain chose chaos. Let us take stock and see what in the “escalation of nonsense” enfolded… Original Plan for Wednesday 8th May 2024 Run with Joni on scooter to school Run home (via another 2km) Shower Cycle to work Meet A (colleague 1), set up work on my laptop whilst I do file sorting Meet B (colleague 2) to have lunch, chat work stuff & catch up Come home Chill Cook dinner TV & bedtime nonsense The end If only life was so simple. The plan changed whilst Joni was eating breakfast. I got it into my head that I wanted to re-join the gym I was a member of last year. I’ve been having too many wine nights and I think I could go to gym classes in the evening instead. Alleviate the wine guilt and improve fitness. Win win. This sets up a stupid chain of events which I retrospectively recognise as being caused by IMPULSIVENESS. I remember a cl

Procrastination and Devastation

 I REALLY hope you sung that to the tune of “Celebration” but if you’re not above the age of 40, then perhaps you didn’t, and this sentence is meaningless. Also, right off the top, this is not really going to be about devastation because I actually just wanted to rhyme procrastination but not with celebration because, duh. I am so sick of procrastination. I don’t think I realised how much it’s affected my life until maybe the last 4-5 years. For me it means wanting to DO the thing but being unable to do the thing and so doing other things to take away the guilt from not doing the thing. So more specifically, I want to create something. I don’t even know what I want to create, which doesn’t help, does it? But I know that creating something fills a void in me that nothing else can. It’s the only thing that makes me proud, other than my kids. (Gus would call me cringe for saying that and to be honest, I feel it too). I’ve always been creative. I mean, not that I think of myself as