Monday, 18 July 2016

The 90s Tag for #Vlogstars

Hello lovely people! I have done my first actual themed vlog. I have answered a series of questions about my best bits of the 90s. I've joined up with  Aby from You Baby Me Mummy & Amy from Mr and Mrs T Plus Three and their linky #Vlogstars. 

You can join in too! The questions are below.... if you don't want to vlog it though, bung the answers on my Facebook post so I can be nosy! 

Be warned this is a long vlog. I am sorry I find it SO hard to self edit! There is lots of visual stimulus though so hopefully it's not a total bore off. Enjoy! 

1. Favourite Disney film?

2. NSYNC or Backstreet Boys?

3. Favourite music artist?

4. Favourite candy/sweet?

5. Weirdest fashion trend?

6. Favourite game console & game?

7. What would you watch after school/college?

8. Favourite book?

9. Favourite clothing store?

10. Your best 90s memory?


  1. Oh you superstar! Lovely to know a bit more about you from back in the day! Kaz x

  2. Love this - I loved Neighbours and Home and Away too. Also loving your Tetris lamp :) #vlogstars x

  3. You absolutely crack me up, Jess Grohl!!!!!!! Omg hahahahaha I know what you mean about growing up in the 90's (I totally know you mean SEX!) Love you x

    1. Yeah, you're right. I totally had sex in the 90s. :D

  4. Oh I hated outlined lips I'm glad I never did that! I loved seeing your 90's pics, I was the same age as you through the 90's. I actually loved Nirvana so much, still do actually! Your Vlog was awesome, I think you are super charismatic and totally gorgeous! #Vlogstars

  5. Love your props! I could listen to you all day. I might have to hate you as I love Nirvana, but I love the Foos too so I might let you off.... You are so great to listen to. Ha ha! Love that you have that email. I don't like sweets either, never have. Thanks so much for linking up to #VlogStars! xx

    1. Aw thanks Aby! What a lovely comment! :) Will do the TMI once i've moved house. Xxx

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