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Why People Moan On Social Media

Why do people moan on social media?
My big, moaning face.

You know the ones I mean, the ones who moan that they “haven’t sat down all day” and “every flipping traffic light was red” and “ugh, someone didn’t change the bog roll AGAIN” and “shit, the kids have been utter bastards ALL DAY AND I NEED WINE”. Familiar? That’s because you probably follow me. I’m that person.

So why do I do it? Why do I think anyone ever wants to read me moaning like a miserable, old cow?

Because it’s life.
It’s normal for people to have things to moan about in their daily life. It’s how us lovely Brits like to get through the day! Especially if you happen to mention the weather (and how shit it is!). Absolutely no one can go to bed and say their day has been perfect from start to end. Unless they are a) lying or b) have had a lobotomy.

Because everyone can relate to it.
Everyone knows how frustrating it is to get to a bus stop as the bus pulls off; or how annoying it is when someone is rude serving you in a shop; or realising you’ve left your purse on the kitchen counter when you’ve got a full shopping trolley; or when someone cancels a lunch date just as you’re putting your fully prepared meal on the table; or when you ring for a doctors appointment and you are told you have to wait THREE WEEKS to see someone.  

Because it IS happening to you.
When you’re having a shit day it’s so nice to read that you’re not alone. Someone else has had it up to pussy’s bow that day too! You can have a good old moan together on your social media platform of choice.

Because it’s not happening to YOU.
It’s also a relief to know that it ISN’T happening to you! “Thank god my day’s not as bad as hers!” It puts things in perspective a little bit..... “Ooof, she’s having a rough one!” You can feel smug that your day is going infinitely better than mine.

Above all, the reason that I moan on social media is to make people LAUGH. As you'll know if you regularly read this blog, I very often have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. If I am having a shocking day and I need to vent, I'll usually try and make it sound as ridiculous as possible so that I can get some humour out of the situation. It’s selfish really. I use it as a tool to help me feel better about the rough crap I am dealing with at that moment. And with two young kids and two naughty cats, it’s quite often literally crap I am dealing with.

Also when you have small kids, and you’re not the most patient of souls *cough* then there are a LOT of times in the day when you just need to get away from the squawking, the grizzles, the pleas for more juice, Peppa Pig! NO! Paw Patrol! The “it’s mine” “no, it’s mine” “I had it!”; the “no Joni, stop LOOKING AT ME”s; the “mummy can you wipe my bottooooooom”s.......aaaaaargh! I neeeeed to tell someone, like a little cry for help into the wilderness of’s going to be ok right?! I am going to get through the afternoon without throttling my kids, RIGHT?!

So I moan on social media a lot. And actually, in real life, I’m a pretty positive and upbeat, happy person. I guess that’s part of it too. Especially on Facebook where most of the people in my “friends” list know me. They know I’m ranting and that I’m not inherently a dark-sided monster. The ones that don’t like it (and believe me, there are many) have hidden me from their timelines. My Auntie even deleted me once because she couldn’t cope with it! But that’s the beauty of social media: you have control over what you read. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to!

I won’t be stopping moaning on social media anytime soon. It’s life, so suck it up Buttercups!

And then the fun began...


  1. I love a good moan. It's a very British thing to do. I remember once going to Greece and being told that the sunshine meant everything got done 'tomorrow' - to relax and enjoy life. Well, I mean, that's just not cricket is it?

  2. Moaning and social media go together like birds of a feather.....or something like that. Having a sense of humour about things always helps too. I find that the worst people on social media are those that moan, and try and bring others down with them. It's fine to moan about your day I think we all do it, I know I do!

  3. Yes but it's camaraderie isn't it? :)

  4. Haha this made me laugh! Great post :)

  5. Ha ha - I try not to moan too much on there but sometimes you can't help it! You just need a good rant :) Jess x

  6. Cardiff Mummy Says13 June 2015 at 21:24

    I love that photo of you and your moaning face! I always think that people who moan about other people moaning on social media are the worst kind. If you don't like something, just take a deep breath and pass it by. It's your space; use it as you wish. x

  7. Hee hee thank you lovely! ;) Xxx

  8. Hee hee! Always my intention... :D Xxx

  9. I have only just found your blog through one of the Britmums posts - I'm now having a catch up read :) I love to have a moan on social media too and try to empathise with other people when they moan as well x

    1. Hiya! I'm very glad you've found it. I hope you fully immerse yourself Donna! ;) Yeah i try and empathise too. I really don't mind if people want to moan back at me. I think it's partly what social media is for!

  10. God, that makes me an EVEN OLDER mother! Dread to think what they say about me :D Like you though, I actually love it - I had my own exciting life before children, so feel very settled and happy thank you very much :)

    1. I've had a few comments from mum's who started in their 40s like that! Sorry! It's just so weird when you meet someone your own age with grown up kids and you're still wiping bums!!!


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